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Mechanism of laser action Removal Tattoo

experimental findings on the effects of short laser pulses is a tattoo is the first time in 1960. used in 1979, the argon laser for tattoo transfer of 28 patients, with little success. In 1978 carbon dioxide has also been used but are usually caused by scar tissue after surgery until the end of 1980, that the laser in practice. One of the first articles describing laser tattoo removal prepare a group of Massachusetts General Hospital in 1990.

Removal  Tattooing has had thousands of tattoo pigment particles skin.While normal human development and healing of the skin to fine particles, remove pigment and permanent tattoos again, because they are too big to be removed. Laser treatment causes the tattoo pigment to break, and heat and into small pieces. This hardware is removed, the normal processes of the body.

Laser removal  tattoo is not successful application of the theory of selective photothermolysis (PLT). Laser tattoo removal is SPLT selective destruction of tattoo pigments depends on four factors:

Color of light through the skin is deep enough to get a tattoo pigments.

Color laser light is strongly absorbed onto the skin around the tattoo pigment. Tattoo pigments, which require different lasers of different colors. For example, absorbs red light by the tattoo pigment is green.

Time (pulse width) laser energy is very short, so the tattoo pigment in the fragmentation is heated, heat can dissipate from the surrounding skin. Instead of heating the surrounding tissue can lead to burns or scars. To laser tattoo removal, it must be time nano-seconds.

enough energy for each laser pulse heat fragmentation of pigment provided. If the energy is too small, the pigment is not a fragment, and held the distance.

Lasers are the only devices on the market are able to meet these requirements.

Laser Removal tattoo


Methods Remavol Tattoo

Tatoo removal using lasers is usually that react Ink Tatoo done, and break them. Sharing ink is absorbed by mimicking the body, which would cause fade with time or natural sunlight. Tatoo pigments have a specific spectrum of the light absorption. Laser Tatoo is able to provide sufficient energy absorbing pigment required for an effective treatment. Some of the Tatoo pigments, such as yellow, green and fluorescent dyes are difficult to treat than the darker black and blue. These pigments are more difficult to treat because absorption spectra, which are not covered, or on the edge of the emission spectra have are similar for laser Removal  Tatoo.

Is generally considered the gold standard of treatment methods of Tatoo removal, laser removal  Tatoo requires repeated visits to remove the Tatoo. Ink InfinitInk brand was developed to facilitate the removal of Tatoos with laser treatment. The latest laser Q-switching is the National Institutes of Health scars rarely called, however, and are often used only topical anesthetic. Areas with thin skin is often thicker skin scarring. There are different lasers, and each is effective in removing the different colors of the spectrum. Laser developed after 2006, many wavelengths and can handle more first Tatoo pigment lasers.

Another type of Tatoo removal is a procedure manual or machine. This practice is very unpredictable, and uses a special gel which is often mixed with salt, that causes the skin of Tatoo ink into the dermis of the merger or the gel is Tatoos and walk to move to the skin surface. Incidence of scarring, changes in the tissue, keloids, a long-term treatment of pain, color changes (hyper-and color) and maintain extremely extraction laser and ink as a person who does this kind of treatment exposed to significant liabilities. Methods, as this is very rare in modern states has been replaced by Q-switched laser. However, other methods such as thermal injury, dermabrasion and cryotherapy are used, but the same results, and unexpected side effects .

Some users can depend on other unwanted tattoo tattoo. This is known as lime. Manual, man can not hide the fact the tattoo completely invisible, but it depends largely on the size, style, color and used in the era of the tattoo. This requires a tattoo, including a new dark shades of the old tattoo, hiding unnecessary parts. to remove many of the extensive results for “top”, and then laser tattoo removal unsightly ink.

Cover up removal tatoo